Metzeler KAROO 4 150/70-18


Metzeler KAROO 4 150/70-18

Metzeler KAROO 4 150/70-18
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For an ordinary, unlimited life

KAROO™ 4 is the evolution of the heroic KAROO™ 3: a comprehensive tyre for Adventure Bikes and Maxi Enduro to overcome the boundaries of adventouring.

Front single compound

  • Wide temperature operating range
  • New generation of hard and resistant rubbers

Rear tread compound

  • Dual-compound layout
  • Centre 100% carbon black rubber for great abrasion and tearing resistance
  • Softer base compound featuring silica
  • Thermal stability complements road performance

Patented multi-pitch knob layout

  • Multi-sequence tread pitch
  • Reduces tyre noise and delivers rolling smoothness

Transversal knob layout

  • Enhances off-road traction
  • Directionality and road stability granted

Optimised footprint

  • Larger amount of knobs within the contact area
  • Rolling smoothness, integration with electronic rider aids


Patented tread design

  • This pattern works as a mud-trapping bucket
  • Material picked-up is collected for assisting traction and cleared for self-cleaning


  • Dynamic Mould Angle Technology
  • Variable groove wall angles at different lean angles for optimised tread resistance and wear uniformity

Radial constructions with INTERACT™ technology

  • INTERACT™ steel belt multi-zone tension
  • Enhances riding feedback by lean angle
  • Relieves structural and thermal stresses
  • Maximises steering neutrality and wet performance
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