Michelin Anakee Adventure 90/90-21 & 150/70-18 COMBO


Michelin Anakee Adventure 90/90-21 & 150/70-18 COMBO

Michelin Anakee Adventure 90/90-21 & 150/70-18 COMBO
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It is a truth: off-road riders often spend more time on highways than they do on trails. That is why Michelin has added a new versatile tire to its Trail line: the MICHELIN Anakee Adventure, designed for 80% road and 20% off-road use.


This tire rounds out the Michelin Trail line, which already includes the MICHELIN Road 5 Trail (100% road) and MICHELIN Anakee Wild (50% road and 50% off-road), for a complete line suited to every type of riding. Whether you use your off-road bike to go to work, on the weekend, on roads or occasionally on trails, and no matter what the weather, the MICHELIN Anakee Adventure can do it all.


Most on/off road bikes can be fitted with the MICHELIN Anakee Adventure, including the BMW GS, Honda Africa Twin, Yamaha Super Ténéré, Suzuki V Strom, KTM Adventure, Triumph Tiger and the Moto Guzzi V85TT.

In terms of technology, this “king of versatility” features innovative rubber blends, architecture and tread. These innovations enhance its traction and handling on any terrain and in any weather conditions.

It is especially stable at high speeds without compromising comfort. On wet roads, the MICHELIN Anakee Adventure provides excellent traction thanks to a blend of new-gen rubbers with silica. It also offers superb traction on dry terrain thanks to the patented MICHELIN Dual Compound 2CT and MICHELIN Dual Compound 2CT+ technologies, which were originally designed for the MICHELIN road lines. Its new deep tread pattern gives the MICHELIN Anakee Adventure the traction you need for off-road riding.


The front MICHELIN Anakee Adventure features 2CT technology with two 100% silica blends down the center of the tread and on the shoulder. This gives the tire its excellent traction, especially on wet ground, on both straightaways and turns.


MICHELIN 2CT+ technology on the back tire is slightly different: the center blend acts as a “rigid” lining under the side blend used on the outer edges of the tread.


This design enhances the tire’s rigidity to improve stability on angles while maintaining a good level of performance on wet terrain, exceptional stability at high speeds and optimized handling that will satisfy even the most demanding bikers.


Finally, the tread pattern, shallow along the center, ensures superior stability at high speeds on straightaways. The pattern gradually gets deeper along the sides for better traction on wet terrain. The grooves are wider on the sidewalls to evacuate water and optimize drainage.


The entire tread features an all-over groove pattern, letting riders hit the trails with full confidence and maximum comfort.

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