Michelin Enduro Xtreme 140/80-18 SuperSoft


Michelin Enduro Xtreme 140/80-18 SuperSoft

Michelin Enduro Xtreme 140/80-18 SuperSoft
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R 3,600.00 

Why choose MICHELIN Enduro Xtrem tyres?

New soft rubber compound

Outstanding performance on a wide range of challenging surfaces

Not street legal

  • Proven performance for hard/extreme Enduro Competitions
  • Top choice for Enduro Championship riders
  • Trials tire - like grip

Proven performance for hard/extreme enduro competitions

Winner of 2019 Red Bull® Erzberg Rodeo, top five sweep at Hixpania Hard Enduro, and American Hard Enduro.

Trials Tire-Like Grip

All-new extremely pliable tread rubber compound derived from legendary MICHELIN® Trials tire.

An exclusive rubber compound  that provides exceptional grip for outstanding climbing and braking  traction!

Great versatility thanks to the innovative Enduro Medium tire tread design.

Chosen by teams !

Partnership with RockStar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing, Sherco Racing Factory and other prestigious pilots:

Top Choice for Enduro Championship Riders

  • Graham Jarvis (Husqvarna)
  • Billy Bolt (Husqvarna)
  • Alfredo Gomez (Husqvarna)
  • Manuel Lettenbichler (KTM)
  • Mario Roman (Sherco)
  • Wade Young (Sherco)

Winning Performances!

2018 WESS Champion and 2019 XL Lagares & Erzberg 


  • Rodeo Winner XL Lagares (Portugal)  Winner - Mario Roman (Sherco)
  • Erzberg Rodeo (Austria) Winner - Graham Jarvis (Husqvarna)
  • Hixpania (Spain) Winner -  Graham Jarvis (Husqvarna)


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